Beauty Krackspert Penny became interested in cosmetics and style trends after realizing the distraction they provide from day-to-day racial microaggressions. She could set about trying to dismantle the broken system that penalises her for being both an Asian and a woman – “But let’s face it,” says Penny, “I can affect real change by focusing on the hues and textures of my face and hands instead, which is so much more? rewarding!”

She is a real people person, and a significant part of her popularity is due to the common assumption that she bravely defied her parents’ expectations and followed her passion for makeup instead of becoming a doctor or golfer.

She runs a YouTube channel with over 200 subscribers where she posts weekly makeup tutorials, product demonstrations and the occasional tiny food video. Her dream is to go viral for accidentally blinding herself with a brow pencil or hilariously dying while doing the 100 Layers challenge with a coarse exfoliant.