Binary legend of the stage and screen, Kate McLennan has Get Krack!n in a headlock!

McLennan’s big start in showbiz came from her early years as a child actor, portraying an unlikeable backpack in the children’s TV show ‘A Progeny Too Many’, which was cancelled after one season when the hospitality union discovered child actors were being forced into doing dishes for the catering truck.

McLennan’s star was on the rise, and following a brief hiatus from acting (as she was unable to secure work) she bagged the role of ‘Snobbish Woman’ in 2003’s edgy ‘Grouse Teachers.’ Unfortunately, her scene did not make it to air as there was a weird, loud seagull behaving oddly in the background which was deemed too much of a distraction to keep in.

Never one to quit despite the unrelenting signs indicating she ought to, McLennan wrote and starred in several Australian fringe festival productions which left audiences unsure if they were poorly executed comedies or poorly executed dramas.

They included 2006’s ‘Not Me, Ma’am’; 2007’s ‘Listen To My Fragile Heart’; and 2009’s ‘A Bruised C4: My Time In A Zorb Ball’. The latter was regretfully cancelled after three nights due to venue staff testing positive for Legionnaires’ Disease caused by a faulty air conditioner. The building has since been condemned and will be turned into 25 one to two bedroom apartments with a café on the ground floor.

McLennan is survived by her unhappy partner and a child who doesn’t recognise her.