Matchstick lookalike Kate McCartney sets Get Krack!n on fire!

Prior to dipping her toes into the media industry, McCartney attempted to function in a variety of careers, however she found it was “impossible… because most managers are garbage”*. When her acquaintance Kate McLennan suggested that co-hosting television was probably very unlike work, Kate McCartney plainly agreed that this could be her calling!

Their hit web-series ‘The Katering Show’ lifted her to famous-on-the-internet heights and soon she was appearing in online advertorials which she hadn’t given permission to use her likeness. ‘The Katering Show’ also allowed McCartney to join the elite group of individuals who have been pulled into a project by a friend but have since out-shined the friend who had the original interest in the activity. She joins the ranks of Robbie Williams from Take That, Sebastian the Crab from ‘The Little Mermaid’, and the forever-revolving door of Prime Ministers in Australia.

Twelve months ago, McCartney decided she needed a break from The Industry and trekked around Nepal. She described the experience as “mind-widening” and “it made me thankful, thanks” – though several food delivery services have reported that during this time she was at a local address and wearing an unruly, poorly-applied wig.

We would tell you more about McCartney’s life, but she physically dodges us in the halls and refuses to stay late at the office for things like this. We think she resides in a home (of sorts) with her two husbands and a kindly child. Apparently she looks forward to this all being over.

*K. McCartney, Bugs Are Better Than People’, Toots and Balls Press, 2016