Rise and shine, it’s time for Get Krack!n, the late late show of Australian morning shows! After the Viral Online Success of Seasons One and Two of The Katering Show, Kate McLennan (the blonde one) and Kate McCartney (the brunette one) have brought their unique brand of talking and hand gestures to a new half-hour morning lifestyle chat show. That’s right, your favourite name-sharing celebrity chefs are back to teach us a thing or two about not just what goes in our mouths, but what goes on our faces, all over our couches and into our cache of repressed memories. Get Krack!n is filmed live at 3:00am, so you can get the first Exklusive look at today’s hottest lifestyle trends while non-go-getters are still asleep. So kick back during your baby’s fourth nightly feed or take a quick amphetamine break during exam study to watch two real women* talk consecutively for half an hour, sometimes to experts and celebrities who are both available and awake. There’s no better way to start the day or end the previous evening than on the Kouch with the Kates! Wednesdays on ABC TV and by demand on ABC iview. *Both Kates have passed the Turing Test. Results available on request.