Toilet Paper

Going to the dunny? Grab some Get Krack!n official toilet paper: Get Krappin’! Wipe the faeces from your arsehole and surrounding area, or the piss from your genitals, with this double-ply, soft-as-a-cloud, pure white delight. Made from only the finest wood pulp from old-growth Tasmanian forest, Get Krappin’ is the crème de la crème of toilet tissue.

Over a hundred species of plant and animal life have been made extinct by the rampant deforestation used to create this toilet paper, so you might as well buy some otherwise they all died in vain. So give some purpose to the dead, and to the Tasmanian devils blinded by their malignant facial tumours due to eating poison placed by our forest clearing team, and buy a pack of Get Krappin’ today!

Sorry, this is sold out.